The Truth is Just a Lie

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Why do the wicked seem
To have control of every innocent dream?
The nightmare of their minds
infects our eternal Divine.
If nothing they say is true,
why do we let them do the things that they do?
We’re living in the world that only they want.

If you’ve ever lived life from the heart
Then you know that it’s a great place to start
To eradicate injustice, bring peace upon us.
Dig down into the depths of your soul
Embracing everything that’s making us whole
Discard the rest know that you’re blessed.

If there was ever such a thing as a good intention
We needn’t keep clawing at this fake façade
Reality ‘til now has been an elite invention
We need to keep reminding them they’re not our gods.
No, and they’ll never be.

The truth is just a lie
That they indoctrinate into you and I.
You only get to see the phony things that they allow you to see.
It’s time for the meek to rise and
Make reality the speak of our time.
Take it back the world we lack.

Released August 13, 2015